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On Eagles’ Wings Tours was founded in 1981 by David Assael, an Israeli tour guide since 1965, and an expert in leading tours through the Bible Lands. We specialize in conducting Church groups, Synagogue groups, students’ study tours, conventions and seminaries. We offer a variety of tours through the Holy Land, Jordan, Egypt and Sinai. Other programs we offer are Journeys in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul and The Seven Churches of the book of Revelation. These exclusive tours go through Greece, Italy and Turkey and are done by land and on a cruise.
We are committed to conducting the tours in a very unique way; emphasizing people’s lives, ideas and beliefs at the time in which the Biblical events took place and following the footsteps of the Patriarchs, David, Isaiah, Jesus, Paul and the other apostles. We pay special attention to the land’s seasons, its crops and its people, to provide a vivid experience of colors, sounds and flavors.
We are constantly developing new itineraries of the Bible Lands, to include new sites open for the public, as well as sites that have been renovated and offer multimedia illustrations of life in the Biblical time and how different archeological findings must have looked like back then.
Our tour guides are carefully chosen and are all well-experienced guides who love the land, know the Bible and are fully committed to providing the best care for your people. They are both flexible and attentive to make sure your every need and request are attended.
When using our services you, as the group leader, are a vital part of the decision making process, as we are determined to making the pilgrimage to the Bible Lands a continuation of your ministry. We will ask for your input on such items as the length of the trip, airlines to fly with, hotels to stay in, places to visit and other details which will make your tour special and unique. By working with us, you will tailor the tour to your needs and to those of your congregation.
For a worry free experience, except for a few lunches, we include in our tours all expenses including taxes, entrance fees, gratuities and even medical insurance. Moreover, we are committed to providing a personalized, client oriented service. To insure the service provided to our groups is superb, we keep a close touch with our groups, take care of their every need and make them feel right at home.
Our ultimate goal is to make sure your visit to the Bible Lands is going to be an enriching, life changing experience for you and your people, and that the Bible is going to truly come alive for you.

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