"David and Ana Assael and all their wonderful family and workers have been my partners in travel for many years. I have traveled in over sixty nations and know a bit about world travel but have never found anyone anywhere with the expertise, the commitment to service and excellence that I find at Eagles' Wings. I have now hosted over 30 groups in Israel. I am constantly amazed at the Assael's and the kindness and attention to detail they give. I would not even consider going with anyone else. They are the finest I've ever known." Pastor Dan Betzer, Senior Pastor of First Assembly Ministries in Ft. Myers, Florida, and host of BYLINE radio and television programs
Dr. Norman Neaves, my mentor, told me if I went with On Eagles Wings (EWT) it would be different than my first Israel trip that was disappointing. I told Dr. Neaves I would not return to Israel. He insisted EWT was very different from my first experience. So, I went with Dr. Neaves and a group from my church with EWT for the first time in 1997. Dr. Neaves was 100% right. They took extraordinary care of us. There were no hidden costs, no surprises and no manipulation. I have now taken 16 groups to Israel with EWT (two planned for next year). I have taken over 600 people to the land of the Bible with EWT. I have a waiting list in our congregation because others have heard what a wonderful trip EWT has put together for us. They are flexible, creative, personable and accessible. They have taken me to places very few groups go (jeep rides in the Judean wilderness, a float trip on the Jordan River, descent down the Arbel mountain, etc.). Ask about these “extras.” They make every effort to provide the best experience in the best places at the best cost. They are scrupulously honest. They have the highest integrity. They help pastors who have never been to Israel. They are simply, “The Best.”  When I arrive at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv I think, “I am home!” I feel the Assael’s are my family and my friends. They are chiefly responsible for making Israel my home. I have the greatest affections for this family. It may sound like I’m working for EWT, but that is not the case. My Israel trips have been transformational events for me and the people I take. I have developed my own Israel journal, my own system of reading in advance of the trips, and my own devotionals. I am more than happy to answer questions or to share with you what we have done. I want to lead others in an experience that has been so life-changing for me.
Dr. Tom Harrison, Sr. Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church – Tulsa, OK
"I've taken several groups from our church on tours with Eagles' Wings. I can say, without reservation, that David Assael is the finest tour guide I've ever worked with and the entire EWT staff made it the 'trip of a lifetime' for each person who attended with us. The accommodations were first rate and the food was outstanding. In addition, David's knowledge of archeology, ancient Israel and, most importantly, the text of Scripture, was life changing for all of us. If you're thinking about taking a tour to Israel, then you need to consider Eagles' Wings. You won't regret it." Pastor John Lindell, Senior pastor, James River Assembly, Ozark, MO 
"I cannot even begin to express adequately my feelings of profound respect and gratitude to the people of Eagles' Wings Tours in Jerusalem for the services they have provided me and several hundred people from our church ever since I first became acquainted with them in 1991. This organization is absolutely unbelieveable, the very finest one can ever hope to find among the many such organizations that provide tours in the Holy Land. A family-owned operation, they take such a genuinely personal interest in every single tour. It is so very different from most of the other companies providing these services. The personal touch, the quality of the experience, the phenomenal guides, and the careful attention to detail are simply incomparable with Eagles' Wings Tours. A friend of mine who had been to the Holy Land with groups from his church twenty-two different times prior to experiencing Eagles' Wings told me that he had never had such an awesome experience as the one this company provided us. He had used many different companies prior to that time and felt he had a pretty good grasp of what such services would be like. But this one so far exceeded everything that he had ever experienced before that he could not quit talking about it many months and even several years later. Certainly that has been my own personal experience as well. This is not a wholesale tour operation, but one of the first magnitude in everything that they have to offer. It is absolutely first-class and obviously I heartily endorse what these people have to offer. If you are considering a tour to the Holy Land yourself, I would count it a privilege to visit with you in person about Eagles' Wings and answer any questions you might have of me. You can contact the office in Jerusalem or the travel agency they use in the United States in Philadelphia in order to get my phone number. Give me a call, let's take as much time as you would like to visit, because I tell you that you will never choose another company to take yourself and your people on a tour of Israel once you have experienced the quality and the attention to detail and the oustanding guides you will find with this organization. Truly it is the very best that can be found anywhere in the Holy Land". Dr. Norman Neaves, Church of the Servant (United Methodist) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"I wish to commend Eagles' Wings Tours and their staff for a most outstanding travel arrangement and service. As representatives of Israel, we could not have been in better hands. I have had opportunity to lead tours to Israel since 1959 and I can assure you that Eagles'' Wings Tours is the premiere travel agency in Israel. There are none better." Dr. Robert Cooley, Charlotte, NC 
“For most of my parishioners, a trip to Israel is a once in a lifetime experience. I want them to have the very best pilgrimage possible. That is the reason I only use On Eagles Wings Tours. On Eagles Wings Tours, I know I will get total support from my tour company. Unlike other companies I have used, On Eagles Wings Tours customizes the tour to the specific needs of my group. Even when I ask for changes “on the fly” the team at Eagles Wings makes sure we get exactly what we need. They show deep sensitivity to the group's theological perspective and tradition. Go to Israel. See the miracle as the members of your group are spiritually transformed for a lifetime. And trust On Eagles Wings Tours to make sure you have the best possible experience!” Dr. Robert Gorrell, Senior Minister, Centenary United Methodist Church
"I have led synagogue tours many times in the past but have never enjoyed so successful a trip as the one we just took with Eagles' Wings. They were involved and helpful from the first planning meetings almost a year before the trip. Eager to please, sensitive to our needs, creative in their thinking, Eagles' Wings helped me to design by far the most interesting, challening and memorable of itineraries. Unfailingly positive and responsive, they were happily willing to "go back to the drawingboard" again and again whenever necessary...right up to the last moment. Once we arrived in Israel, they continued in this way. Every day, we sat together in the morning with our guides and a representative from Eagles' Wings and considered alternatives and continued "tweaking" things throughout the day, so that we provided the best experience possible for our tour. And that's precisely what it was -- the best experience for us all. Upon returning, I have been receiving the most wonderful accolades from everyone on the trip. We all agreed that this was something very special. I believe we owe much of the credit for this success to the people at Eagles' Wings. In the future, I can't imagine taking a trip without the expert advice, counsel and guidance of Eagles' Wings." Rabbi Elliot Strom, Shir Ami Synagogue, Philadelphia
"I am thrilled with the personal service, the attention to detail and the creativity on the part of On Eagles' Wings Tours. We just celebrated Israel’s Independence Day in Jerusalem and can honestly say that our congregational trip was made memorable because of the opportunities that Lilach and her staff provided. They went over and above the expected and opened doors that others might not bother to approach. You can work with a bigger company, but you can’t work with a better one. They are caring, attentive, responsive and creative. I highly recommend them for your next congregational tour". Rabbi Gregory S. Marx Congregation Beth Or, PA
"There are many companies that offer tours to Israel. Many choose companies based on price and as a result fail to understand that as anything in life, the best value is always the best quality and never the lowest price. “You get what you pay for.” I’ve known of On Eagles’ Wings for over 20 years and for over 13 years they have led us on many tours of the Holy Land, Jordan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. The quality of guides, the information given, and the ability to take us places that most other tours don’t even offer is fantastic. Our church has been with them over 10 times and we have never had anyone regret their decision going with us and On Eagles’ Wings. Every trip there has been at least one person on the trip who had been with another company before and would continually remark how wonderful this trip was and how terrible the other trip was in comparison. As a tour leader, it’s very important to provide the best experience possible for your people, especially if you’re a pastor and they are from your church. The professionalism and personal care you receive from their representatives here in the United States to when they greet you in Israel, the special way you’re made to feel while touring, all the way to the end when they help you to return to the United States through customs, is remarkable. Since we are a very large church, we are continually bombarded by other companies promising to deliver an equal experience. When I ask them to provide itinerary, accommodations and what prices include, you readily see that they’re offering you a far inferior tour. That is why we feel there truly is no competition to On Eagles’ Wings. They work hard to maintain the lowest price possible, but will not sacrifice the quality of accommodations, sites, and the overall experience to try and save a few dollars. Knowing the family in a personal way, and not just business, causes me to feel an unbreakable loyalty to this company on two levels. Their friendship and their tours are unbeatable. We continue to pray for their health and success as they desire to show us their homeland of Israel where we see the Bible come alive. May God add His blessing to all who choose to use On Eagles’ Wings as they experience the land of our Savior while He was on earth". Pastor John Sherley, Valley Baptist Church Bakersfield, California
"It’s something of a cliché to say that traveling through Israel brings the Scripture to life but nevertheless it is so true. What makes an On Eagles' Wings tour incredible is the quality of the guides who blend biblical knowledge, history, culture and geography together in a way that keeps travelers on the edge of their seats day after day. I’ve hosted several groups and always feel confident that my friends will come home with the very best of memories and a renewed passion for God and His Word." Pastor Mel Howell, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California
"I have worked with On Eagles' Wings Tours for the past 25 years and done numerous tours to Israel, Greece and Rome with our church. Every time I've gone on one of these excellent tours I come away with a greater love for both the lands of the Bible and for the Bible itself which was penned and lived out in these places. I commend this tour company simply because they put everything into making it the best possible experience for those who go. But I must warn you, once you go with On Eagles' Wings Tours, you'll feel like part of their wonderful family and you'll want to go again!" Pastor Skip Heitzig, Calvary of Albuquerque, New Mexico
"My wife, Norma, and I have been using Eagles' Wings for over twenty years on numerous tours. We have always appreciated the feeling that we were treated as "Family." Their service has always been professional, yet personal - protective, yet allowed us freedom to try new places and events. We have appreciated and enjoyed every guide that they have assigned us - they share a love of the Land and the Book. We have never felt pushed to "shopping stores" but yet enjoyed enough time to find those necessary gifts and souvenirs. We used some other organizations in Israel before we met them, and finding Eagles' Wings was like a breath of fresh air. We were taken to sights that many tourists never see, but are biblically important. And yet they all always provided "fun times" and spoiled us with care and "treats." One of the most important issues to us has been the total integrity of Eagles' Wings. When they give their word, they keep it. The high moral atmosphere of their organization has been a great blessing to us. We trust that our Lord will continue to give them grace for every task and joy in every day." In His time, Dr. James Borror, Executive Director, Golden Minutes Ministries, California
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