Eilat, Sinai & Petra
4 days Extension Tour
3 nights in Eilat
We will leave behind us the busy residential area and enter the vast wilderness, as we begin traveling down south through the Aravah Valley. On the way, we will make a stop at the Timna Park, with its unique natural formations. We will visit the cupper mines from which material was extracted for the making of the tools of the Temple. We will also view what is known as Solomon’s Pillars and the remains of an ancient Egyptian worship site. Before reaching Eilat, we will stop at Kibbutz Yotvata, known for its outstanding dairy products, produced right here in the middle of the desert. Right before the sun sets down, we will arrive to the beautiful city of Eilat, located on the shores of the Red Sea, with a breathtaking view of the Red Mountains of Edom and the Gulf of Aqaba.
Early in the morning, we will leave our hotel and drive to the Tabbah crossing, one of the border points between Israel and Egypt. Entering Sinai, we will drive through one of the most majestic deserts in the World, known for its colorful mountains and beautiful sandy dunes. We will stop at the foothill of Mt. Sinai, where the children of Israel waited for Moses to return with God’s law (Exodus 19). Those who wish will have a chance to climb the mountain by foot or on a camel and enjoy the sanctified view seen at the top. Others will be able to visit the St. Catherine Monastery, the oldest church in the World. At the end of the day, we will make our way back to Eilat for a good night’s rest.
A very short drive from Eilat will take us to the Aravah border crossing, from which we will enter Jordan. Once in Jordan, we will drive to the breathtaking ancient city of Petra. Once the capital of the Nabatean people, this red city is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. Walking or riding an Arabian horse, we will go through the “Siq”, a magnificent canyon that will take us to the Treasury Monument, carved out of the red rock. Other impressive remains are the ancient tombs, the Cardo Street, the Triumphal Arch of Adrian and the Court building.
Eilat, known as the “City of the eternal sun” is a world known resort area. It offers a variety of different Marine and other activities. You may want to dive or snorkel in the Red Sea, do some parachute or water skiing, visit the under water observatory, catch a 3D movie at the IMAX theatre, do some hiking in the mountains surrounding Eilat, or just enjoy a restful day around the hotel’s swimming pool. In the late afternoon we will board a domestic flight from Eilat to the Ben Gurion airport, where we will catch our international flight back home. On this domestic flight we will be able to enjoy the breathtaking sight of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and other places we have visited while in the Holy Land, as seen by eagles and Angles. This amazing view will remain in our hearts and follow us as we make our way back home.
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